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TULASI HOLDRIDGE, Computer Science and Linguistics major

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I'm a CS + Linguistics major and have been accumulating esoteric interests for a long time--often helped by Splash classes I took in high school! I attend Northeastern University, where I'm involved in AerospaceNU (our rocket/drone club), and outside of school I do lots of puzzlehunts.

Past Classes

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X625: Interactive Fiction in Rainstorm Spring 2021 (May. 15 - 16, 2021)
Interactive fiction is the world of text adventure games, visual novels, choose-your-own-adventure books, and much more! It brings together computer science and the creative arts in a unique way, and has fun tools out there ready for total beginners to make their own stories. In this class, we'll give you a brief overview of the history of interactive fiction. Then, for the main part of the session, we'll try out cool ways to build and play IF games. The class will be split into two groups--for those who want a fast-paced challenge (especially if you have an interest in coding), you'll get a crash course in the Inform 7 programming language. For those who want to do less coding and more writing, you'll be introduced to Twine! Best of all, we have tons of IF game recommendations to share. Depending on the vibes people want, we can always make time for just geeking out about IF :]

S626: Conlangs: A Disguised Introduction to Linguistics in Rainstorm Spring 2021 (May. 15 - 16, 2021)
If you've heard of Klingon, Esperanto, or Newspeak (or seen the movie Arrival), you might be familiar with the concept of constructed languages. Conlangs are often used for worldbuilding in sci-fi and fantasy stories, but can also be a way to create community or just write messages to your friends that no one else can understand. The surface-level goal of this class is to teach you how to make cool languages! I'll go into sound systems, word creation, sentence structure, and more. My secret mission, though, is to use conlangs as an entry point to the field of linguistics--the scientific study of human languages and their structure. I'll be using elements of language construction as scaffolding to explore some of my favorite parts of linguistics. Along the way, you'll hopefully gain new insights about language and how it works! This will be a fast-paced class (there's a lot to cover) but should be fun and accessible to anyone.