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Roopsha Bandopadhyay studies bioengineering. She has interests in computational genetics. In her free time, she likes to write, look for mushrooms, hike outdoors, and refer to herself in third person.

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S374: Intro to Synthetic Biology! in Rainstorm Spring 2020 (May. 30 - 31, 2020)
How does engineering intersect with biology? How can rabbit genes be expressed in plants? What are policies and ethics behind gene editing? If you're interested in finding out these and more, this class is for you!

H409: Intro to Science Writing! in Rainstorm Spring 2020 (May. 30 - 31, 2020)
How can you tell good journalism from bad? Why is science journalism even important? This course will cover the introductory of how scientific research is communicated with the public.