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OLIVIA BITTER, Budding Astroparticle Physicist

Major: UChicago Splash instructor

College/Employer: UChicago and Fermilab

Year of Graduation: G

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My name is Olivia and I am a grad student who just finished a master’s degree in physics and astrophysics from the University of Chicago. Due to the uncertainties with the ongoing pandemic, and in order to focus on research and publications, I’m currently taking a gap year before starting a Ph.D. program in Fall 2022. I am also a graduate research associate at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory for the ICARUS Collaboration. Outside of academia, I am an early career liaison with the Physics Education and Diversity and Inclusion topical groups for the Community Engagement Frontier of Snowmass 2021 - a once in a decade community planning exercise for particle physics. For this, I work to provide particle physicists with ways to promote diversity, outreach, and access to physics education to students from high school through graduate school. Making sure that there are adequate opportunities for all future particle physicists is my way to “pay it forward” for all of the mentoring I have received along my own journey. I am also an elected officer of the Fermilab Student and Postdoc Association - representing early career researchers at the lab.

Past Classes

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S887: The Quantum Realm and our Universe: An introduction to the Standard Model and the elusive Neutrinos in Rainstorm Winter 2022 (Jan. 29 - 30, 2022)
Scientists have an innate curiosity to push the boundaries of their knowledge of the universe. What else would have led them to discover particles smaller than atoms, like protons and electrons? But why stop there? What if there were even smaller particles and what if these could help explain the great mysteries of the cosmos from the Big Bang to the present day? Well, that’s exactly what the field of particle physics studies. Welcome to the wacky world of subatomic quantum particles that is the subject of a vibrant and fast-growing area of physics research. This seminar seeks to introduce and illuminate exactly what this area of physics is and to further highlight the subatomic particles known as neutrinos which could answer many important questions in modern physics. An extension into the interdisciplinary nature of particle physics will also be discussed including how high school students can start to be involved in meaningful research in this field.