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NOAH RUBIN, Grad Student, Biomed Engineering, UNC/NC State

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I am a third year graduate student in the joint department for biomedical engineering at UNC Chapel Hill /NC State. I'm from the Bay Area in CA, and did my undergrad at UC Santa Barbara in Bioengineering, after which I took a gap year to teach math and physics to freshmen/sophomore undergrads.

My research interests lie in the improvement of orthopedic devices to help empower individuals with impairments in mobility. In the long-term, I aim to help make these technologies more accessible.

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E289: Neurons, Mobility, and Rehabilitation Engineering: Current Topics in Rainstorm Spring 2020 (May. 30 - 31, 2020)
Greetings! This class is meant to provide a brief peek into the realm of neurorehabilitation engineering. It will broadly go over some of the disorders (such as Parkinson's disease) that affect your sensorimotor system, as well as some of the methods engineers are currently exploring to treat these ailments. My goal is simply to give you small but broad look into this field and see some of the treatments that you may not be aware of, such that if anything particularly interests you, you will have some grounding and terminology to look into them further on your own. :)