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MICHELLE DONG, An Astrophysics student interested in literature

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X459: Tachyon “Technologia” in Rainstorm Fall 2020 (Dec. 05 - 06, 2020)
“Tachyon” is the photon that is faster than light speed that currently believes that it should not exist. “Technologia” is the root for technology in ancient greek, which means “systemic treatment.” Tachyon “Technologia” is a fast-paced course bricolaging introductions to history of science, postmodernism literature, scientific discovery and ideas in Astrophysics this century, and recent technology developments. The central purpose of this bricolage is to show the creativity of scientific and technological ideas and how the ideas have influenced the life of the people in creative ways. The postmodern belief that a correct description of reality is impossible is developed from Nietzsche’s idea of all truth is limited, approximate, and is constantly evolving, Bohr’s Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics, Einstein’s special relativity, etc. Deriving from the philosophical and scientific ideas, postmodernism deals with concern of representation and irony of self-awareness. Though hyperreality, flattening of affect, intertextuality, metafiction, etc. Postmodernism literature sees human experience as unstable and sees an individual as fragmented, yet the individual and society try to bricolage different pieces to make it a unique art with special approaches. In Astrophysics, superluminal motion is an interesting concept that due to the geometric effect, when we try to find a object travelling near the speed of light, it would appear to travel at the 7 times of the speed of the light usually and it could approach to 120 times if it is even closer to the light speed. When people try to find objects that travel at a certain angle near light speed in space, people need not limit themselves to try to find the objects that appear to travel near light speed, but need to look at much faster objects, and thus wilder creativity is really necessary in Astrophysics and all science and technology.