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LAUREN MACLACHLAN, Neuroscientist who gets paid to watch people sleep

Major: LU / Northeastern Splash

College/Employer: Not available.

Year of Graduation: 2021

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Hey team!

Happy to get to teach all of you; my name is Lauren! By education, I'm a neuroscientist, and by occupation, I am a sleep researcher who administers polysomnographs overnight. I'm from the South Jersey area originally but I've spent my adulthood in Boston.

I've been involved in Splash from all angles for a decade now - whether that being learning neuroscience myself as a student at Princeton, volunteering to help at Stanford, teaching at MIT, directing the event at Northeastern, or running conferences and online meetings for those who love Splash all across the country to get to know each other and help better our programs for you!

My favorite things to teach about are circadian rhythms, psychotropic drugs, and game shows!

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