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Major: UNC Chapel Hill

College/Employer: Not available.

Year of Graduation: 2020

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X46: Study Abroad: How You Can Do it - on a Budget! in Rainstorm Spring 2020 (May. 30 - 31, 2020)
This class will focus on the exciting and empowering experience that is study abroad! And lucky for you, many colleges/universities offer a wide array of approved study abroad programs. I will teach you “how” to study abroad, from finding the program and location that best suits your interests/needs, to how to secure funding so the experience can potentially be free! I will also focus on the types of planning helpful to preparing for a semester/year abroad and will have a segment of how to leverage your experience abroad when searching for internships and jobs. In this class, I am really happy to share some tips and tricks I learned along the way, including telling you what I wish I had known. Study abroad can be eye-opening and, for me, it changed my view of the world and what I want to pursue as a career - I highly recommend this experience for any students interested and welcome you to join this lecture!