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KRISTIN D'ANGELO, Aspiring teacher of high school science

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I'm a sophomore Biology major at Northeastern University with minors in Spanish, German, and Environmental Science.

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H488: From Tiktoks to Newspaper Cartoons: The Evolution of Political Satire in Rainstorm Fall 2020 (Dec. 05 - 06, 2020)
Have your parents ever roasted you for being on your phone too much, for spending hours scrolling through social media? Have they ever spent hours reading the newspaper? Well, you should inform them that news has evolved, and that those little political cartoons they look at mocking current politics have transformed into witty and sometimes questionable video clips of kids on the Internet giving their hot take on current events. In this class, we'll analyze some of the most infamous political cartoons from the past, alongside some of the most iconic vines and tiktoks of our generation, and observe how political satire has changed with each generation. *Note: Some strong language is used in some of the tiktoks.