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College/Employer: University of Chicago

Year of Graduation: G

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S856: Exceptional Embryos: insights into development in Rainstorm Winter 2022 (Jan. 29 - 30, 2022)
Have you ever wondered how conjoined twins come to be? Or whether the accounts of babies with tails or gills are really true? Can you be born with all of your organs in different places inside your body? The answer to these, and many other, fascinating questions lies in embryology, the study of how organisms develop as embryos. In this class, we’ll discuss fringe embryological cases, like the famous dipygus Myrtle Corbin, and what they reveal to us about the biological processes behind how we go from being a fertilized egg to a fully formed person.

S792: Genetic Diseases and How to Cure Them: An Introduction to Gene Therapy in Rainstorm Summer 2021 (Aug. 14 - 15, 2021)
Do you ever wonder what the implications of all these CRISPR-related news headlines really are? Are you curious as to how mistakes in our genetic code could be changed to save lives? In this class, we’ll discover the causes and symptoms of different genetic diseases, and how we can hijack viruses and bacterial immune systems in an attempt to cure them. We’ll discuss the medical and ethical ramifications of manipulating our genetic code, and where this technology could be headed.