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DAVID ABRAMOVITCH, UC Berkeley Junior Studying Physics

Major: Volunteer Teacher

College/Employer: Not available.

Year of Graduation: 2021

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S420: Quantum Life: An Introduction to Quantum Processes in Biology in Rainstorm Spring 2020 (May. 30 - 31, 2020)
Quantum mechanics underlies the chemistry that makes up everything. However, quantum mechanics is usually behind the scenes in all but the smallest, most isolated, coldest, and shortest lived systems -- electrons, isolated atoms, supercooled, perfectly ordered crystals. Biology -- biomolecules, cells, and organisms-- is (relatively speaking) big, warm, soft, and immersed in messy liquids that would destroy any hope of front and center quantum mechanics. Or so one would think. But scientists have discovered evidence of quantum mechanics in amazing biological applications--with wave particle duality, interference, spin, and more on full display. We will focus on two examples: how plants turn sunlight into fuel in photosynthesis, and how certain birds use the electron’s spin to navigate with the Earth’s magnetic field. We will learn some basic features of quantum mechanics, see some fascinating quantum tricks evolution has discovered, and appreciate just how amazing these bits of quantum biology are, and perhaps what humans can learn from them. It seems even in quantum mechanics, life finds a way.

S421: Crystals for Harnessing and Controlling Energy in Rainstorm Spring 2020 (May. 30 - 31, 2020)
Energy -- making it, storing it, using it, and doing it all sustainably -- is one of the biggest challenges facing the world. Crystals are beautiful, intriguing, and claimed by many enthusiastic bloggers to have elusive properties for controlling and harnessing our inner energies. But in the world of real science, crystals are perhaps more exciting and powerful than any blogger imagined--including harnessing, storing, and controlling energy in the 21st century! We will talk about how the chemistry and physics of crystals leads to exciting properties and applications to solar cells for catching sunlight, batteries for storing energy, catalysts for clean fuels, and maybe even superconductors or nuclear power. In addition to materials already in use, we will explore future energy applications involving cutting edge nano- and quantum-materials.