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E692: Electrifying Applications of Circuits in Rainstorm Spring 2021 (May. 15 - 16, 2021)
How does electricity actually work? This is something that many people ask, and this course will try to answer that question by looking into the basics of circuit design, and by delving deeper into the various applications of circuits in our lives. We will go through demonstrations of creating circuits to solve various problems, and then actually visually displaying these solutions. This should be a fun interactive course for anyone interested in electrical engineering or engineering in general.

A546: The History of the Beatles in Rainstorm Fall 2020 (Dec. 05 - 06, 2020)
Have you ever wondered how the greatest band in history reached superstardom? Look no further, in this class we will go through the history of the Beatles and discuss how they were formed, some of the greatest hits from their albums, and what happened after they broke up. Be prepared to rock!