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ALEXANDER SOOHOO, Stanford Chemical Engineering PhD Student

Major: Chemical Engineering

College/Employer: Not available.

Year of Graduation: G

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Hi everyone! I'm Alex, a first year graduate student studying chemical engineering. I just graduated from UCLA with my bachelor's in chemical engineering this past spring. I really enjoyed various teaching experiences at UCLA, and I'm excited to gain some more experience here at Stanford. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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S593: Yeast, Fungi, and Bacteria: Beyond Bread, Mushroom, and Cheese in Rainstorm Fall 2020 (Dec. 05 - 06, 2020)
When the general public thinks of yeast, fungi, and bacteria, there is a general feeling of unease. They are dirty; they are gross. Or, people associate these organisms with food. However, while unsettling to some and tasty to others, yeast, fungi, and bacteria have been a rich source of medicinally important natural products for the past century. There have been numerous U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs derived from these organisms, helping patients treat infections, lower cholesterol, and more. Can we discover more natural products that fight cancers, delay Alzheimer’s, or prevent heart disease? Additionally, these organisms have recently been utilized as “green factories.” Can these organisms be used to create fuels, biodegradable products, or alternative forms of meat? This course will provide an overview of current research using biology and chemistry to not only discover and develop new medicines but also to find alternative ways to create products we use every day. Join me as we go treasure hunting in some of the underappreciated parts of the natural world!