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X555: YOGA FOR BEGINNERS. in Rainstorm Fall 2020 (Dec. 05 - 06, 2020)
Class Title: yoga For Beginners Category: Miscellaneous Class Description: SUKHASANA - EASY POSE--There are some amazing benefits of Sukhasana. It spreads a sense of calm and peace through your mind and body. Your body alignment is improved. Practicing this asana helps elongate your spine. PADMASANA- ( LOTUS POSE)--The Posture is a power packed hip and heart opener, with numerous physical and spiritual benefits. It is one of the best meditative poses. VAJRASANA-(THUNDERBOLT OR DIAMOND POSE)-It Strengthens pelvic muscles by changing the flow of blood and nerve impulses the pelvic region. It improves the whole digestive tract, relieves stomach disorders such as acidity and peptic ulcer. KAPAL BHARTI-(FIRE OF BREATH) -It Helps in Weight loss,Mental Agility,Blood Circulation,Enhances beauty, Healthy body organs,Stress relief. It lights up your life. TULASANA-(BALANCE / SCALE POSE)-Strengthens your arms, wrists, and upper body region. Makes your shoulders strong. Relaxes muscles and calm the mind. increases the sense of balance. It includes tightening the abs and bring out a rigid stomach. The muscles of your abdomen are pulled up tight and thus lungs show sign of improvement. Prerequisites: Any one is eligible for taking this class. There are no prerequisites required for this class as the class is for Beginners.