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ALBERT NGUYEN, Stanford LicensedPsychotherapist and Social Worker

Major: Stanford Healthcare Professional

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I am a psychotherapist because I have come to learn that a tremendous amount of people feel alone, left out, unheard, irrelevant, tired, worthless, unconnected, unwelcomed, sad, anxious and fearful and they need someone to validate, acknowledge, and remind them that they have value beyond their current situation.

Life is hardly ever a straight path! I went from studying kinesiology to computer science, and in 2003, due to some life-changing revelations, I broke away from what I was told to believe about myself and decided on a career path in mental health. This independent choice was driven by a compelling feeling that this was my calling.

Once I began this journey, the rest was history.

Life is about “growth and giving.”

Throughout my training as a clinician, I sought to work with the most difficult, complex and challenging individuals and cases. I wanted to help those with the most needs and risks. Thanks to this mindset, my career included working with juvenile probation, the foster care system, school system, older individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, the homeless population, veterans, and children with unique medical conditions. Each position tested me to my very core, both personally and professionally, and enabled me to truly harness my clinical knowledge and skill set.

Now, with more than 10 years of working in the trenches of the mental health field, I have the propensity to empathize deeply and provide unparalleled support because I see your situation from a unique perspective.

In addition to my clinical background, I am a certified black belt and martial art’s instructor with over 20 years of experience. I have competed nationally, taught, and coached at the Olympic level. Thanks to this experience, I have a strong foundation in teachings of meditation and mind/body training, nurturing various principles of perseverance, integrity, respect, and courtesy. I am an expert in teaching and coaching techniques of behavioral modification and peak performance training that benefit my clients across the board.

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H521: Breaking the Silence: Suicide Prevention in Rainstorm Fall 2020 (Dec. 05 - 06, 2020)
Stress, anxiety and depression is on the rise - they create challenges for both society and individuals, especially during these uncertain times. And severe conditions can lead to the worst outcomes, such as suicide. Suicide is much more common than we think. Let's have an open discussion, learn more about it, why it happens, and be willing to speak out about it. Suicide is strongest in secret. By talking about it, we can overpower it. If you've experience loss by suicide, have struggled with it yourself, or know someone who does - please consider where you are emotionally before signing up for this class. Respect and confidentiality: When peers share feelings in the group, all the members will treat that person with the utmost respect and warmth. In addition, the content of the group will be kept confidential, and we will all extend the same considerations to each other that we expect for ourselves.