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We can't wait to see you at Rainstorm on January 29th and 30th 2022! Every volunteer helps us bring amazing courses to our students!

Moderating at Rainstorm

Thank you for moderating! Moderators are an absolute necessity to the success of our Rainstorm programs! As a moderator, you will ensure that classes run smoothly for teachers and students. You’ll help by…

  • Admitting students, taking attendance, assisting with technical difficulties
  • Directly interface with students and give technical help when required
  • Communicate with program admins through Slack if any issues arise

The presence of a moderator in each class means that teachers and students can all be present in their classes, engaged in the content, and excited about learning and teaching! We hope that you’ll enjoy sitting in on a class taught by a passionate teacher, and maybe even learn something yourself!

Moderator Resources

All necessary resources to moderate at Rainstorm are available below, including - the link to check-in to Rainstorm 20 minutes before your first scheduled class, the link to the Cloud Webapp where you can view your schedule for the program, the link to the attendance module on our website, and a master schedule of which moderator you will be relieving or relieved by.

Also below are the Moderator Cheat Sheet and Moderator/Teacher Training Presentation, where you'll find much more information including scripts and minute-by-minute breakdowns!

Additional Support While Moderating

Send this information in the chat so that all students can see:

Rainstorm Student Guide

Student IT Help Desk: studentsupport@learningu.org or call (650) 397-1533

Student Code of Conduct

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