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Teachers! Splash 2020 will be December 5th and 6st!

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About Teaching at Splash

Teaching at Splash is all about sharing your knowledge and excitement with eager students. As a teacher, you offer a "class" on anything you are passionate about (major, hobbies, etc.). Classes can be in the form of workshops, discussions, activities, presentations, demonstrations, or any other format!

When is Splash?

Splash Spring 2020 will be held December  5th  and 6th 2020 . Each day there will be 5 teaching periods in addition to time for a break halfway through the program. In registering for the program you will be able to see the slots available for teaching and select those that work in you schedule. This year the program will be offered from 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST which is 9:00 am - 3:00 pm PST

What Can I Teach?

Our mantra is that you can teach anything! Many of our most popular classes are rooted in academic topics like neuroscience or coding, but we encourage all sorts of classes! Want to provide a guided meditation on the music of Kendrick Lamar? Foster a debate on veganism? Run a workshop on soccer dribbling techniques? Splash classes can be on anything!

I'm ready to teach! What next?

First! Go register for the programThen all you need to do is register your class on the registration page.

By signing up to teach for Rainstorm, you commit to:
- Registering a class, submitting a lesson plan, and signing the Teacher Acknowledgement
- Signing up for and attending an online Teacher Training
- Showing up (virtually) and teaching your class!

Additional Logistic Information

- Classes can be up to 55 minutes long although teachers have the freedom to cut classes shorter.
- Classes will be hosted on Zoom
- A program admin will host and moderate each course to provide technical and logistical support

About Rainstorm
We are excited to offer Rainstorm, an online Splash program, to continue providing opportunities for university students to teach for fun and for high school students to learn for fun. We are a group of volunteers from Learning Unlimited and Splashes nationwide. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us at cloud@learningu.org.

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