Rainstorm FAQ for Teachers

  • Who is allowed to teach?
  • Anybody beyond the age of secondary education is encouraged to teach at Rainstorm! While most teachers at Splash programs across the country are undergraduates, Rainstorm is a great opportunity for graduate students, Splash alumni, professional adults, or experts in any field!

    What technology can teachers use?

    All classes will be hosted on Zoom. Teacher Training will primarily be practice with using the features of Zoom to ensure hands-on, interactive classes. A Zoom tips sheet will also be provided to teachers.

    How big can classes be?

    Classes can include as many as 100 students at Rainstorm Fall 2020!

    How long can my classes be?

    Classes can be taught for either 50 minutes or 1 hour 50 minutes. Most classes fall in the category of the former to allow our students to take as many classes as they can!

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