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Rainstorm Winter 2022 student registration is currently in the Class Lottery Phase! The program will be taking place on January 29th and 30th 2021! Register now!

Step-by-Step Rainstorm Registration Guide:

  1. Make sure you have a student account on this website, cloud.learningu.org, since your local Splash website’s account won’t allow you to register for Rainstorm. Start by clicking the drop down arrow on the login bar (at the top right of the page) to do so. There are separate accounts for parents and educators.
  2. Be sure you and your parent/guardian have reviewed and agreed to our Codes of Conduct.
  3. If you have already made an account but have not registered, click here.
  4. In the spirit of fairness to all students who wish to attend Rainstorm, registration involves a lottery system that is run in three phases: a program lottery, a class lottery, and a first-come first-serve class sign-up.

Registration Timeline for Rainstorm Winter 2022

Now! - January 8th: Student Lottery Phase

Register for an account and choose to enter the student lottery. Only students who register during this phase may rank classes in the Class Lottery Phase.

January 9th - January 22nd: Class Lottery Phase

If you have registered during the Student Lottery Phase, you will be notified that you can rank classes by preference during this window. Your preferences help us ensure that all students are enrolled in the most classes they are most interested in taking!

January 23rd - Program: First-Come, First-Serve Phase

After the class lottery has determined initial class registrations, you may have empty slots in your schedule you want to fill or classes you want to change. This last week before the program, you can now choose to join classes that have spots remaining on a first-come first-serve basis. If you missed the class lottery or are registering a bit late, this is the time where you can jump on board for Rainstorm Winter 2022!


Unfortunately, it is possible that more students register for the lottery than we can admit to Rainstorm. If you register, we expect you to attend any classes in which you enroll. In the event you cannot make a class, please email cloud@learningu.org to let us know in advance so we can give your slot to another student!

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