Cloud Rainstorm Summer 2021

Student Code of Conduct

  1. Students must be 13 years of age or older.
  2. Fellow classmates and class teachers must be treated with respect.
  3. Be welcoming of fellow students and teachers from all backgrounds, beliefs, identities, and locations.
  4. Personal information beyond first names must remain private. This includes email address, mailing address, phone number, social media handles, etc. Do not share your own or ask others for personal information.
  5. Classes will be conducted over video conferencing software which enables students to have an interactive experience with their teachers and other students. Video and microphone usage on the part of the student is completely optional. Please be aware that in the event a class is being recorded, students’ video and microphone usage may come to be a part of that recording.
  6. We ask that students who choose to enable video during classes dress and present themselves in an appropriate manner, as well as provide an appropriate background (no virtual backgrounds or physical posters that consist of violent or graphic content). This will assist in creating a comfortable and safe environment for all participants.
  7. Students who participate and therefore agree to this code of conduct acknowledge that we have a zero-tolerance policy. If these guidelines are not followed, students will be removed from classes by a teacher or moderator.
  8. Students must ensure that their parents are aware of their participation and that they have reviewed the details of our program and the Codes of Conduct.

Teacher Code of Conduct

  1. Conduct yourself professionally, prepare for your class, and treat fellow teachers, students, and other participants with respect. Aim to be a role model for your students.
  2. Teachers can not perform, nor condone anyone else to perform, any activities that may cause harm to anyone.
  3. Your classes cannot include you or your students doing illegal activities, nor can you explicitly promote illegal activities (e.g. “How to deal drugs 101”).
  4. We allow our teachers to cover religious, controversial, and politically charged topics as long as they do so in a manner that does not make students feel targeted, unduly uncomfortable, or unable to disagree. While the material may be the same, there is a difference between “preaching” and “teaching” and we require that teachers cover such controversial topics in an open-minded and informative manner.
  5. We do not allow Rainstorm classes to be used as vehicles for advertising or recruitment. Teachers cannot use Splash classes as an opportunity to sell products to students or pressure students to join outside organizations.
  6. We do not allow Splash classes to be used as a platform for gathering data. In-class surveys are permitted as long as that information is not taken or used outside of the classroom.
  7. All initial communication with students must occur through the mailing lists provided by Learning Unlimited. Teachers should never request personal contact information from their students. Teachers should exercise extreme caution when directly messaging a student, or a group of students, and do so only if necessary.

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

  1. Parents or Guardians should understand that Rainstorm is an event for students, and is not designed to include parents or guardians beyond granting or withholding permission for their children to participate.
  2. Parents or Guardians must be aware of their students’ involvement and are responsible for reviewing the Codes of Conduct for all participants.

Moderator Code of Conduct

Moderators are volunteers who will observe classes to ensure both our students and our teachers are maintaining an engaging and professional environment, where all our participants are conducting themselves appropriately and following our Codes of Conduct.

  1. Moderators agree to attend and complete all training and review any documentation that Learning Unlimited deems necessary.
  2. Moderators agree to hold themselves, students, and teachers to the statements delineated in their Codes of Conduct. Moderators also agree to ensure that parents and others visible or audible in the virtual classroom conduct themselves appropriately and follow the statements delineated in the Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct.
  3. Moderators will inform Learning Unlimited immediately of any violations and any response that they are obligated to perform in the practice of their duties.

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