Learning Unlimited Cloud

We can't wait to see you at Winter Rainstorm on January 29th and 30th 2022!

Rainstorm encourages students to take ownership of their learning!

High school students can sign up for unique and interactive online classes, seminars, and workshops. Our catalog changes with each program and spans a huge variety of topics - from Body Positivity, to Medicinal Chemistry, to Greek Art! Likewise, teachers are encouraged to teach classes on the topics they are most passionate about. In this way, Rainstorm allows adults to teach for fun and teenagers to learn for fun. Our teachers are often students themselves at the undergraduate or graduate levels or are post-graduate experts coming with experience directly from their respective fields, offering classes like “Ask a Surgeon About Cancer”!

What is Rainstorm? Rainstorm is an online Splash collaboration offered by Learning Unlimited teachers nationwide. Check out our catalog to browse classes offered last program!
When is Rainstorm? January 29th & 30th from 12:00 PM to 6:15 PM EDT (9:00 AM to 3:15 PM PDT)
Who can take classes? All students grades 8 - 12 (must also be at least 13 years old). We are committed to serving all students. We are happy to discuss any necessary accommodations!
Who teaches classes? Undergraduate students, graduate students, university faculty, alumni, and professionals!
How do I attend classes? All classes will occur on Zoom. Links will be provided before your class!
How much does it cost? Rainstorm is 100% free! However, if you cannot make your classes - please let us know so we can let another student attend!
How do I register? Students: Click the “Learn” button below, or on the sidebar! Teachers and Moderators: Click the “Teach” button below, or on the sidebar!

Start here if you are a high school student enrolling in Rainstorm!

Start here if you are registering to teach or moderate at Rainstorm!

Our Mission

Learning Unlimited is an educational outreach non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating engaging events! We enthusiastically accomplish our goal by guiding university chapters in running in-person programs called Splash. Cloud is a recent effort from Learning Unlimited to take Splash virtual. Through collaboration with our volunteers from across the country, we are excited to offer our students and teachers Rainstorm! All Learning Unlimited efforts have the same mission - to give teachers and students the opportunity to share in a love for learning and discover their passions.

We are committed to running equitable and accessible programs that give opportunities to all students and teachers regardless of their geographic location, race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, or income. For more information on how Rainstorm could accommodate you or your students, please don’t hesitate to email us at cloud@learningu.org.

Undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and alumni from all these universities taught classes at Rainstorm 2020! Be sure to check out your local program!

Nationwide volunteers from Learning Unlimited met at Northeastern University in January 2020 for SplashCon, a program dedicated to improving Splash events!

Hear what students have to say about Rainstorm!

“Here is one of the few places where I can be sure to learn something amazing and super cool that I never would have learned anywhere else, with a huge variety in programs that let you learn literally ANYTHING, even things you never would have imagined.”

“In the current COVID-world, Rainstorm was incredible, and very accessible, and I am so thankful for it!”

"At Rainstorm, I learned a lot! I learned a bit about the Persian Wars, the history of flags, political theory, and also some practical real world lessons! I really enjoyed Rainstorm! I loved the effort made by the staff to foster a sense of community even in this time of distance. I really liked the interactive nature of many of my courses and the flexibility and variation that come with the program." -Delaney, Tennessee

“It’s fun, educational, and weird! (In a good way)”

"I learned about a lot of stuff at Rainstorm like quantum circuits, engineering, algorithms, cellular automata and much more. I cannot say which topic is my favourite because I liked all the classes very much. My future ambition is to be a robotics engineer. I feel very awesome to be part of your community and thank you for giving me this opportunity." -Amit, India

Commemorate your time at Rainstorm!

View our merch shop at Redbubble. Designs can be purchased on t-shirts and other clothing as well as stickers, stationary products, and more! All proceeds collected by Learning Unlimited Cloud are put towards funding future Rainstorm event costs like Zoom hosting.

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